Interesting Facts On Farming

Eating veggies isn’t something many enjoy doing, despite the many benefits it has to offer. Growing these veggies is a part of agriculture where a lot of effort and care needs to be put in. However, we don’t seem to realize this, that we easily toss away something we don’t like without any second thoughts. Farmers have it tough with regards to their job, and as people, we need to understand that, and respect their hard work by working towards taking better of them. And the first step to start would be by understanding where they come from, so here are a few facts on farming.

Second agriculture revolution

This is basically where the industrial revolution that took place caused a second agriculture revolution by introducing various technologies and gear to enhance and uplift the efficiency and productivity of this sector. And so as a result today there are many agricultural jobs Queensland that are created for those that are interested to be a part of. It is also necessary to note that, even now certain developing countries are still experiencing this revolution.

Subsistence farmers

Although you might not know, farmers too could be categorized based on their motive. Those that farm to sell and those that farm to eat. And so, subsistence farmers are those that primarily engage in agribusiness jobs Australia to produce, produce for their family. In other words, they do not intend on selling anything to the market.

Figs were the first fruits

Planting of fruits began in the 6000 and 3000 B.C. And so, during this period the first fruit to ever be cultivated was Fig. even today this fruit gains a lot of popularity and interest amongst many.

6000 different apples

It might sound shocking, yet there are over 6000 apple varieties that are grown and sold to the market around the world. While China is identified to be the highest supplier to the market, USA takes in second followed by Iran, turkey, Russia, India and Italy.

Bananas top the list

Although Fig was planted first, it is actually bananas that is considered the number one crop in the world. And so, it is the fourth largest crop on the list with wheat, corn and rice. India is known to be the one country that grows more bananas than any other, while Philippines, China and Ecuador follow up. In addition to that when it comes to livestock farming, goats were considered to be the first animals ever to be reared. The reason was because they do not eat any food that has been contaminated nor fallen. Consider the above fun facts and pay more attention to the farmers and the effort they put in to their hard job!