A Remarkable Place To Get Away

For the people who love wildlife and love to visit and explore the place with rich wildlife, Australia’s Kangaroo Island is a one to pay a visit or if you just want to get away from all your duties and responsibilities and work for a while, this place can be a truly magical experience one has ever dreamed of. 

Kangaroo Island is located in the south of Australia, more accurately in the southwest of Adelaide and is the third-largest island after the Tasmania and Melville Islands. It is also having a second name Karta, which means island of the dead. With rich natural wildlife, it also has a rich history of aboriginal people thousands of years ago. People have found artifacts’ proving the point. It is known that the island was once a part of Australia but, 10,000 years ago when the sea level started rising slowly it got separated. 

The exciting vacation: 

If you are visiting Australia for the vacation and you have limited time for each place according to your budget, then it is suitable for you to get kangaroo Island one day tour from Adelaide instead of missing it. It will add an exciting element in your vacation memories, and you will be able to observe the natural habitat of kangaroos and other animals like koalas and diverse species of birds and more. They have both day and night tours. 

It is not the only land we are talking about. You can go swim with the wild dolphins in the clear waters of the island and during June and September, the marine giants, whales migrates from the warmer areas to colder once and they pass through this specific region along with their ways.  


 Yes, of course, often a visit to new places can be quite expensive but, Kangaroo island hires a guide has some quite competitive packages for their guests and you will be enjoying the comfortable journey to the kangaroo island. There one day tour can easily be fit in your budget and time as well. You can have all, brief guiding about the island or the detailed one if your trip allows you to. If you like maximum comfort, we can also arrange a highly personalized vehicle for you to explore in the wilderness.  


All in all, it will be an excellent choice to experience the nature and in its purest form as it relaxes the bustling nerves of the brain and leaves a calming and soothing feeling afterwards which makes to want to visit the place again. We KI hire a guide will ensure that our guests are getting maximum out of his tour. All you have to do is contact us and get done with the bookings. See this page to find out more details.